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Columbus, IN

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I am from Columbus, Indiana where thoughtful design often is taken for granted. I recognize the deep influence this city has on its people. Modernism, practicality, and beauty have seeped into the water and into my work.

It is a pedigree of excellent designers and community leaders from which I derive my high standards for quality. It is my love of this city that makes me want to contribute.



My work focuses on growing businesses and not-for-profit organizations. My designs are effective, clean, and accurate.  My best creative work comes from a deep understanding of my client when we work together to establish project constraints and goals.


  • Unstoppable standards

  • A passion for completion in creative processes

  • Multi-disciplinary influences

  • Continued growth and learning through a community of makers, artists, designers, and leaders

  • A belief in the power to solve problems through design

Brooke Hawkins Design


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