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Brooke is not taking new design projects.


A Columbus native, Brooke is a thought leader in the Columbus arts and cultural community. With nearly 25 years of experience working in a multitude of design disciplines, her experience evolved to focus primarily on strategies to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. She is the executive director of the Columbus Area Arts Council, where her work focuses on fostering local creative talent and strengthening the community through arts and culture. 

Brooke sits on the board of the Columbus Museum of Art & Design and is an active volunteer and thought leader in Columbus’ creative community.


As an independent graphic designer, Brooke specialized in graphic design related to branding, creative direction, print and website design. Brooke served as the Creative Director of Echo Bravo, a Columbus-based creative collective, and a Startup Studio Designer for Velocities. 

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  • ​Unstoppable standards

  • A passion for completion in creative processes

  • Multi-disciplinary influences

  • Continued growth and learning through a community of makers, artists, designers, and leaders

  • A belief in the power to solve problems through design

Awards and Grants

  • 2019-2020 Indiana Arts Commission Fellow for Graphic Design

  • 2019 Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Cohort

  • 20 Under 40 award – nominated by employer, awarded by The Republic Newspaper and Columbus Young Professionals



Brooke is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • American Institute of Graphic Arts 

  • Society of Typographic Arts 

  • Type Directors Club

  • Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce



On the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator I am classified as an ENTJ. Typical traits of an ENTJ are:

  • Strategic

  • Logical

  • Efficient

  • Independent

  • Effective organizers of people 

  • Long-range planners

Instagram | @broohaw​


Community Volunteerism and Pro Bono Work

I believe in the power of volunteering – it is an essential part of a strong community. I proudly volunteer my graphic design services and committee time to the following organizations:

  • Women's Giving Circle of Bartholomew County

  • Columbus Museum of Art & Design

  • Creative Talent Attraction for Columbus, Indiana

More about me


When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling, great food and wine, and spending time in nature.   

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