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Think less silly baby games;
more genuine connecting.

Maybe a little advice-sharing. 

And, of course, drinks and brunch.

Please join us
in celebration of

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Lindsay, Andy & baby-to-be

Partners and kids welcome

Sunday, June 2
10:00 am – noon


The Boathouse Tent at Forest Park 
6101 Government Drive 
Saint Louis, MO 63110

RSVP by May 15

to Kye 
voicemail or text


Lindsay Hawkins and Andy Snyder
1300 Midland Drive 
Saint Louis, MO 63130


Unwrapped Shower

Please bring unwrapped gifts with a tag that says it's from you. 

Yes, we want to see all the adorable baby things, but we don't want to stop the party to open gifts. 

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We hope to see you there!
Kye Hawkins and Keli Hermes

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